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TO: UIC Community
FROM:  R. Michael Tanner
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
RE:  UIC 2010 Strategic Thinking Report

I am pleased to present the Report of the 2010 Strategic Thinking Committee.  I hope you will find time to read it carefully.

In November of 2003 Chancellor Manning and I charged the UIC 2010 Strategic Thinking Committee with engaging as many members of the UIC community as possible in thinking collectively about the future of UIC, and with producing a document that would inform our future planning processes. The committee membership was drawn from the campus at large, and was co-chaired by Professor David Perry, Director of the Great Cities Institute and by Professor Russell Betts, Vice Provost for Planning and Programs. A full listing of the committee members is given in the Report.

The strategic thinking process was intended to be as inclusive as possible, incorporating the views and aspirations of all sectors of the UIC community.  In keeping with this intention, the UIC 2010 Committee held many meetings with a broad range of groups over the 2003 and 2004 academic years. Draft versions of the introductory sections of the UIC 2010 report were presented at the August 2004 UIC Leadership Retreat, and the entire draft report was made available to the campus community in late 2004.  The UIC 2010 Committee then hosted two campus-wide forums to discuss the report, and the Faculty Senate also held a Town Hall meeting.  Input from all of these meetings influenced the final report, which I now present to you.

I hope you will find the document informative, stimulating, and perhaps even provocative. As you read this document, I ask you to remember that the UIC 2010 Committee's process has been one of strategic thinking and not of strategic planning. As such, the report does not contain explicit recommendations for particular actions. The strategic thinking process articulated a vision for the campus and values to guide it, which are a starting point for strategic planning.  The report encourages us to identify those areas in which we can and should excel and to focus our attention and resources accordingly.  It urges us to connect, whenever possible, the strengths of our programs to the needs and potential of the larger communities in which we function.


The development of a UIC strategic plan has already begun. In March 2005, President White called for a university-wide strategic planning process.  In May 2005, a UIC Planning Council responded by beginning to develop the basis of a UIC Strategic Plan.  Colleges and major administrative units are now following with the development of their own strategic plans.  A draft of the UIC Strategic Plan will be posted this October, with the final version due in January 2006.  College and major administrative unit plans are to be ready by June 2006. More details on the timeline and progress of these activities can be found at the University and UIC Strategic Planning Websites, respectively: http://www.uillinois.edu/president/strategicplan/ and http://tigger.uic.edu/depts/oaa/planning/

Just as I invited your involvement in the strategic thinking process, I now invite your engagement in the strategic planning processes of the campus and that of your own college.  Comments on the draft UIC plan can be submitted through the planning website, and more concrete opportunities for your involvement will emerge in the coming months.

The 2010 Report reaffirms UIC’s worthy ambitions as a great urban public university. These ambitions necessarily acknowledge limitations in funding, the challenges and opportunities provided by a highly diverse student body, and the attractions and distractions of our location in one of the nation’s greatest cities. These are the conditions that will shape UIC’s particular brand of success.  It is within this framework that we are planning for the future of UIC.

2010 Strategic Thinking Document (Final)

Report of the 2010 Strategic Thinking Committee (August '05) (pdf format—this file opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the latest version, go here to download.)



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